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Singing Steel Drum Morning Glory (red & yellow sunrise) 20 Note Double Sided (side)

100% One-Of-A-Kind

Introducing You To…

Music Done Right

At Artisan Instruments, vibrant creativity meets harmonious innovation. We’re not your typical instrument company; we’re a colourful, spirited community of artisans who craft handmade musical instruments with passion and precision. Our mission is simple: to spread joy through music while celebrating diversity and inclusivity. We’re more than just creators; we’re a tight-knit family of instrument enthusiasts who foster a welcoming environment for all. Join us in the rhythm of life, and let’s make some beatiful music together.

The Instruments

Artisan Instruments Singing Steel Drum Hot Steel Gloss Drum (top)

Singing Steel Drum

Artisan Instruments continues the tradition of Aztec Mayan drums and West Indies Trinidadian Steel Pans with its hand-crafted tongue drums that come single or double-sided, in any scale imaginable, and in hot steel, solid colors, or colored gradients. This instrument is truly a work of art.


Our World Famous family of Kashakas are a percussive instrument consisting of two hardwood balls filled with copper coated steel pellets connected together with a sturdy piece of adjustable paracord rope. The balls come in three sizes, there are five choices for rope color, and the process that we use at Artisan Instruments ensures that your Kashakas will stand up to rigorous use and are backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Boom Kashakas with Fireworks rope


100% Recycled Materials

Propane Tanks Burnoff How Singing Steel Drums are Made - Recycled Materials

Our drums are crafted out of expired gas cyclinders which were destined to slowly rust away in landfills across the planet. We take pride in turning trash into treasure and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The tank creates a perfect resonating chamber due to the high quality of the steel. Each drum is unique and has its own character and story from it’s previous life. You can be confident that your piece of musical art will have a one of a kind look and premium sound quality. The final touch is a numbered maker’s mark hand etched inside every drum.

The Fun Stuff

Singing Steel Tongue Drum & Koonlao Drum (ft. Kristian & Jacob)
Boom Kashakas In Action (ft. Papa Juan & K.P. Down)
Artisan Instruments Presents…Do You Feel It In The Mountain?
Artisan Instruments Red Singing Steel Drum on Stool More Drums on Wood Floor
Custom Creations…

A Symphony of Steel Crafted Just For You

Imagine the beat of your own rhythm echoing through the air, a symphony of steel crafted uniquely for you! At Artisan Instruments, we don’t just make custom steel drums; we orchestrate your wildest percussion dreams into reality. Whether you’re a passionate drummer looking for that perfect groove or a musical maestro seeking an instrument as unique as your sound, our skilled artisans will handcraft a steel drum tailored to your desires.