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Empower Everyone to Find An Instrument That Enhances Their Lives With The Joy of Music

Man playing signing steel drum
From A Young Age,

A Passion To Perform

Artisan Instruments officially become a company in 2021, however Kristian’s passion for music started at a young age. He performed in talent shows and joined numerous bands as his collection of instruments grew to include a variety of different drums, guitars, woodwinds, brass, didgeridoos and percussion instruments from around the world. His love for being onstage and engaging the audience has always been a driving force in his life. In 2015 a passion for designing and crafting his own instruments began to grow within his skill stack that already included being a dynamic teacher, performer and song writer.

Inspired by nature,
Fueled by passion.

Our workshop is in the Kootenay Valley of southern British Columbia, Canada. Living in an urban setting and surrounded by forest we are constantly inspired by the beauty around us.

The main purpose of everything we do is based around building community and inspiring creativity. Something about world knowledge and experience drawn from over a decade of international travel. International Man of Mystery just like Austin Powers. We’re also an open book into how we make our instruments with the environment in mind, surrounded by the world we love.

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The Fun Stuff

Singing Steel Tongue Drum & Koonlao Drum (ft. Kristian & Jacob)
Boom Kashakas In Action (ft. Papa Juan & K.P. Down)
Artisan Instruments Presents…Do You Feel It In The Mountain?
Artisan Instruments Red Singing Steel Drum on Stool More Drums on Wood Floor
Custom Creations…

A Symphony of Steel Crafted Just For You

Imagine the beat of your own rhythm echoing through the air, a symphony of steel crafted uniquely for you! At Artisan Instruments, we don’t just make custom steel drums; we orchestrate your wildest percussion dreams into reality. Whether you’re a passionate drummer looking for that perfect groove or a musical maestro seeking an instrument as unique as your sound, our skilled artisans will handcraft a steel drum tailored to your desires.